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What My Clients Are Saying

i started seeing Kyla in September of 2020. i was having issues with myself and my romantic relationship and i was aware that i was part of the problem as well. battles kept coming to me and i would lose every single time. i was lost. i had no idea where all my anxiety and stress was coming from and why i took everything so personally especially with my partner. something needed to change. i always thought about going to therapy but it got to a point within my relationship where i just HAD to go to try to heal myself and my issues. Kyla was very warm, kind and welcoming. i felt so comfortable in our first session even through a computer screen. she really helped me overcome my insecurities and anxiety. she has helped me so much and she was with me every step of the way. she is amazing at guiding you in the right direction but all the work has to come from you. after going to her for a little over a year, i am finally becoming the person i want to be/my higher self. i am more kind to myself and i check in more with myself. my spirituality has ascended tremendously within the past year. thanks to Kyla i am no longer a people pleaser. It is such a liberating feeling. today, i'm the friend my friends come to when they need advice or help and it feels so good to be that person and to hold the space for them. i've learned that healing is not a linear process and the key is being patient with yourself. it is ok to have bad days. its okay to allow yourself to become vulnerable and open. i will forever be grateful for Kyla and i really hope one day we can meet in person so I can formally thank her.


 I was very nervous about starting therapy but knew that I needed to do better in my life. From the first phone call to their office, the Administrative Assistant was very kind and professional and assured me that I had made a great decision. After speaking with Kyla at my consultation I immediately knew that she was the right fit for me. We worked together for the last 6 months and I must admit that my life has NEVER been better. Kyla was very patient, understanding and knowledgeable in helping me unpack so many layers about myself. Some of those layers were part of me that I've buried deep inside with hurt and shame. Not anymore! What I loved the most about her as my therapist was the Judge free zone she made for me and her holding me accountable. I cannot thank her enough. I will refer everyone I know. Thank you Kyla Davis

My wife and I truly enjoyed working with Kyla. Not only was she compassionate she was not bias, and also did a great job of holding us accountable in every way possible. Since working with her we have been able to resolve our conflicts in a healthier way. We pay attention to intent, and we read the room (things Kyla taught us in regards to managing conflict). Often times we find ourselves asking "What did Kyla teach us" lol in moments where things seem to be going a little left. Hands down she is a great therapist and our time spent working with her was invaluable!

Our Testimonials: Testimonials
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